Sunrise Bank extends deadline to apply for debentures to 29 Baishak


Sunrise Bank extends deadline to apply for debentures. It is floating “10% Sunrise Bank Debenture 2080” worth Rs.1 arba from 20 Chaitra 2075. Now, interested applicant can apply upto 19 Baishak 2076. It is not subscribed within the early closing date.

The debenture holders will get 10% interest annually. Its maturity period is 5 years.

The company is floating 10 lakh units at the rate of Rs.1000. it is issuing 40% or 4 lakh units for general public & rest of 60% or 6 lakh units for other companies. Out of 4 lakh units allocated for public, 5% or 20000 units will be issued to existing mutual funds.

Any interested applicants can apply minimum 25 units & maximum 4 lakh units from all the C-ASBA approved BFIs.

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Prabhu Capital Limited has been appointed as issue manager.

Currently, its Paid up capital is Rs.8.15 arba.

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