NIC Asia Bank earns more than 2 arba in Q2; Eps at Rs.41.61

nica asia bank

NIC Asia Bank has published Second quarter report of Fiscal Year 2076/77. It has reported increased in net profit by 33% in the comparing period.

It has reported net profit of Rs.2.02 arba in Q2 which was Rs.1.51 arba in the same period of last fiscal year.

As per the Nepal financial reporting standard (NFRS) model, the bank has free profit after regulatory adjustments of Rs.1.07 arba which can be distribute as dividend to its shareholders.

Its deposit increased to 1.78 kharba and floated loan & advance of Rs.1.51 kharba.

nica asia bank

It has earned Net interest income of Rs.3.65 arba and Operating profit of Rs.3.61 arba till Q2.

Its Paid up capital stands at Rs. 9.72 arba with reserves of Rs.4.98 arba. It has retained earning of Rs.1.33 arba.

Its Earning per share stands at Rs.41.61, net worth at Rs.164.87 and PE ratio at 10.65 times.

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