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share market

What is share market? Know the types of share market

Many more people are attracted towards share market. Many people want to invest in share market but due to lack of proper knowledge &...
connect Ips online payment.png

Buy and sell shares online payment through Connect IPS – NOTS

Nepal Stock Exchange (Nepse) has started fully automated Nepse online trading system (NOTS), investors can Buy and sell shares online payment through connect IPS....
what is right share

What is Right Share? Why the company issued Right Share? Merit & Demerit of...

Right share is share which the company provides a right to buy share directly from company for existing shareholders in the proportion of their...

What is Dividend? Why the company distribute Bonus Share or Cash Dividend?

Dividend is certain portion of income of the company which is given for existing shareholders in the proportion of their holdings. The company may...
what is debenture?

Know what is Debenture and Benefit of buying debentures

Nowadays, Commercial banks of Nepal are issuing debenture one after one providing interest equal to fixed deposit or more annually. In this articles we...

Recent IPOs

vision lumbini ujra company

Vision Lumbini Urja Company to issue IPO

Vision Lumbini Urja Company is going to issue IPO (initial public offering) for locals and general public. It has applied for approval from Security...
ipo allotment of molung hydropower

IPO allotment of Molung Hydropower concludes, Lucky 5 applicants get 11...

IPO allotment of Molung Hydropower has been concluded today at premises of issue manager Sunrise Capital limited. As per capital, out of total applicants only...