Asian Hydropower IPO allotment to concludes on Sunday

ipo allotment

Asian Hydropower IPO allotment is set to concluded on on Sunday.

 As per NMB Capital, issue manager of this issue, preparing to allotment the shares at 9 am on Sunday.

In this issue 1,492,778 applicants have applied for 16,626,520 units of shares amounting to Rs 1.66 billion. It is 23.84 times of 697,200 units issued to the general public.

Asian Hydropower issued 24.71% ordinary shares of issued capital from February 10-15. It has issued 84,000 units shares to foreign migrated workers, 42,000 to mutual funds and 16,800 units to mutual funds. Remaining 697,200 units are floated to the general public.

As the issue is oversubscribed, IPO allotment will take place as per Securities Issuance and Allotment Guideline under which 10 units of shares will be allotted. Under this guideline, only 69,720 applicants will be allotted 10 units of share each.