Buy and sell shares online payment through Connect IPS – NOTS

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Nepal Stock Exchange (Nepse) has started fully automated Nepse online trading system (NOTS), investors can Buy and sell shares online payment through connect IPS. Bank integration has been completed. Connect IPS online payment system helps to trade stocks without carrying cheque for payment. Now, buying and selling securities from secondary market is became easy. Investors can buy & sell stocks from everywhere during trading period which is 11:00 am to 3:00 pm, Sunday to Thursday.

Buy and sell shares online payment through Connect IPS

  • Visit broker office, fill up forms & update KYC, broker will provide client code for transactions (must have DEMAT account & Bank account)
  • Ask for User name & password for online trading (NOTS), Broker will provide User name & password after completing agreement between broker & investor.
  • Than, load fund through connect IPS as collateral before purchase (25% of buy amount)
  • You can easily place buy & sell orders through computer & mobile device; Investors can watch live, orders being executed.
  • Finally, make of payment if purchase order is executed and request for payment from broker if sell order is executed. Follow the user manual below

Connect IPS setup

  • Visit and click Sign UP, fill up details & create your account (keep user name & password safely)
  • Log on to Connect IPS, Click on Bank account of Dashboard, again click of Link Account
  • then, Fill up your bank details ( account holders name, account number, name of bank & branch, etc) and  click on Sent for Approval, then, PDF file will be generated, download PDF file, print & sign it.
  • Once, visit branches of Bank, submit signed file & verify your account from respective bank.
  • You will receive verification email/SMS from connect IPS. Then you can make payment easily like; broker payment, tax, fund transfer between member banks, khalti, IMEPay, etc.

Fund management of Nepse Online trading system

In this user manual you will know proper way to load fund, make a payment for broker on buy, request for payment from broker after sell, etc. Follow the user manual properly as below: