Sunrise bank to float debentures from 20 Kartik 2076


Sunrise bank to float “10.25% Sunrise Debenture 2083” from 20 Kartik 2076. The issue will be close on 24 Kartik 2076. The issue remains open till 19 Mangsir if issue unable to subscribed within 4 days off issue open.

The debenture holders will get 10.25% interest per annum.

The company will be floating 30 lakh units of debenture at the rate of Rs.1000. The company has reserved 12 lakh units for general public and remaining for others.

Interested can apply through all C-ASBA approved Bank and financial institutions.

Interest applicants can apply for minimum 25 units and maximum 3 lakh units.

The issue will be managed by Siddhartha capital limited.

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