see the performance of non life insurance companies in Q3; net profit raise by 36% in total

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All 15 non life insurance companies have published their third quarter report of fiscal year 2074/75. All companies have posted increased in net profit as comparing to corresponding quarter of previous year. In total net profit com non life insurance is grown by 36% where as paid up capital grown by 59%.  Insurance sector is also must charming sectors for investment. These companies have increased their business size & investment. They majorly generate income from premium, investment & commission from re-insurance.

Let analyze all companies from all dimensions based on Q3 report of FY2074/75.

Analyzing based on Paid up capital & Reservesnon life insurance

Capital: Shikhar insurance has highest paid up capital of Rs. 1.05 arba & Everest insurance has lowest paid up capital of Rs.13.36 crore. By Ashad End 2075, all non-life insurance company must meet the capital requirement of 1 arba as Beema samiiti. Except shikhar insurance & Himalayan general insurance, all other companies must hike their capital capital to meet 1 arba.

Himalayan general insurance has hiked its capital by 167%, Neco insurance by 142% where as Sagarmatha insurance & united insurance has not hike their capital in Q3.

Reserve: Rastirya Beem Company has highest reserve fund of Rs 2.02 arba where as NLG insurance has lowest reserve fund of Rs.8.57crore. United insurance has negative reserve fund of Rs.30.83

In terms of growth, premier insurance stood at top position with 722% grow rate of reserve fund. this increment is due to FPO. Sagarmatha insurance stood at second position with 86% growth rate. United insurance have negative growth rate of Rs.101% in Q3.

Analyzing based on Net Profit & net premium

profit of non life insurance

Net premium: Shikhar insurance has earned highest net premium of Rs.1.22 arba & Everest insurance has earned lowest net premium of Rs.7.8 crore. Neco insurance & Sagarmatha insurance stood at second & third row with Rs.72.08 crore & 65.75 crore net premium.

Prudential insurance has increased in net premium by 41% & Nepal insurance by 36% stood top row. 12 companies are able to grow their net premium but 3 companies fail to grow net premium namely, NLG insurance by 6%, Everest insurance by 6% & united insurance by 13%.

Net premium collection reflected the business of insurance companies. More premium collection indicates more business & vice versa.

Net profit: Rastriya Beema Company has earned highest net income of Rs.43.13 crore. Shikhar insurance stood at second position with net income of Rs.31.01 crore. Everest insurance has earned lowest net income of Rs.3.03 crore.

All companies are able to increase their net profit. In total net profit of non life insurance is increased by 36%. United insurance stood at top row with 104% growth in net profit. Rastirya beem Company increased its net profit by 77% stood at second row. NLG stood at last row with 16% growth rate.

Analyzing based on Major indicators

eps, net worth pe ratio

Insurance fund: Rastirya Beema Company has highest insurance fund of Rs.1.31 arba where as IME general insurance has lowest insurance fund of Rs.13.47crore.

Disaster fund: Siddhartha insurance has highest disaster fund of Rs.6.39 crore & united insurance has lowest disaster fund of Rs.69.14 lakh. 6 companies have not maintained disaster fund.

Claims paid: Himalayan general insurance has paid highest claims of Rs.2.79 arba where as Rastriya beema Company has paid lowest claims of Rs.5.70 crore.

 Claims upaid: Himalyan general insurance has highest claims to be paid of Rs.2.09 arba where as prabhu has lowes claims to be paid of Rs. 11.26 crore.

Polices: Shikhar insurance has largest number of polices of 2.15 lakh & rastriya Beema company has at last row with 11.9 thousand polices.

EPS: Rastriya Beema company has highest EPS of Rs.173.01 where as Himalayan general insurance has lowest EPS of Rs.9.73.

Net worth: Rastriya Beema Company & Everest insurance stood top 2 with net worth per share Rs.859.77 & Rs. 377.53. IME general insurance has lowest net worth per share Rs.134.07.

PE ratio: Rastriya Beema Company has highest PE ratio of 56.12 times where as Neco insurance has lowest PE ratio of Rs.15.29 times.

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