Nabil Bank calls out AGM to pass Dividend

Nabil bank

Nabil Bank Limited has announced book close for annual general meeting (AGM).

Annual general meeting will be held on 22 Poush 2076 at Nepal Pragya Prasthisthan, Kamaladi, Kathmandu,11:00 Am.

The book will be closed on 8 Poush 2076. Those shareholders who hold shares till 07 Poush 2076 will be eligible to participate in AGM.

The agendas of AGM are;

To endorse 12% bonus shares and 22% cash dividend for tax purpose from income of FY 2075/76.

To hike authorized capital to 11 arba.

To approved audited financial statements of FY 2075/76

To appoint statutory auditors for FY 2076/77

To amend MOA & AOA, etc.

Currently, its paid up capital stands at Rs.9.01 arba.