Shiva Shree Hydropower to float IPO shares from 16 Aswin 2076

Initial public offering (IPO)

Shiva Shree Hydropower to float initial public offering (IPO) to general public from 16 Aswin 2076. The issue will be close on 24 Aswin 2076.

The company will be issuing 33,51,140 units including under subscribed 11,36,540 units by locals at the rate of Rs. 100.

The company have reserved 2,68,091 units for mutual funds and employees and remaining for general public.

Interested applicants can apply for minimum 10 units and maximum 10 lakh units from all C-ASBA approved banks & financial institutions.

Siddhartha capital limited has been appointed as issue manager.

It has been developing ‘Upper Chaku Hydroelectric Project’ of capacity 22.2 MW located at Sindhupalchowk district of Nepal.

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