Chandragiri hills to issue IPO for public & locals

Initial public offering (IPO)

Chandragiri hills to issue IPO shares to public and locals of projected affected areas.

It has applied for approval from Security board of Nepal (SEBON) on 25 Jestha 2077.

Company will be floating 18,40,910 of share at the rate of Rs.100.  2% or 3,06,819 units of paid up capital for locals & 10% or 15,34,091 units for general public. 88% or paid up capital will be holding by promoter.

Global IME Capital Limited has been appointed as issue manager.

Paid up capital of company will reach to Rs.1.53 arba after IPO. It is promoted of IME Group’s Chandra Dhakal, Hemraj Dhakal, Ambika Prasad Poudel, Nabaraj Nepal, Kalyan Gurung etc.

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