Ajod Insurance is floating IPO shares from 25 Ashad 2077

ipo of ajod insurance company

Ajod Insurance is floating IPO from 25 ashad 2077. The issue will be remains closed on 29 Ashad 2077. Security board of Nepal (SEBON) has approved IPO of Ajod Insurance Company Limited on 07 Ashad 2077.

The company will be floating 30% or 30,00,000 units of shares at the rate of Rs.100 for general public. Among the total issue company have allocated 4% or 120.000 units for employees, 5% or 150,000 units for existing mutual fund and remaining 27,30,000 units for general public.

NIBL Ace Capital Limited has been appointed as issue manager. Interested applicant can apply from all C-ASBA approved BFIs for minimum 10 units and maximum 10,000 units.

Currently, its paid up capital stands at Rs. 70 crore. Paid up capital will reach to 1 arba after IPO issue.  Care Rating Nepal has assigned grade 4 for IPO of Ajod Insurance Company which is below average.


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