See the performance of life insurance companies in Q3; Nepal life insurance leads

life insurance

Currently, 7 life insurance companies are being traded in Nepal stock exchange. These all 7 have published Q3 report of FY 2074/75. All of them have increased their net profit as compare to corresponding quarter of previous year. In average life insurances companies are able to hike its capital by 27% where as net profit is raise by 25%.

Net insurance  premium of the companies increased by average 28% in Q3 FY 2074/75 from Q3 2073/74.

Analyzing based on Paid up capital & Reserves


Nepal life insurance has highest paid up capital of Rs.4.39 arba where as Guras life insurances have lowest paid up capital of Rs.59.40 crore. As per the directives of Beema samiti all life insurance companies must maintain capital of Rs 2 arba by Ashad end 2075. Except Nepal life insurance all 6 companies are under the capital requirement.

Nepal life Insurance Company has hike its capital by 42% where as national life, prime life & life insurance corporation has hike its capital by 25%.

In terms of Reserve fund, Nepal life has highest reserve of Rs.3.48 arba & Gunras life has lowest reserves fund of Rs.2.07 crore.

In terms of growth, life Insurance corporation stood at top with growth of 57% where as Nepal life insurance has negative growth of 26%.

Analyzing based on net premium & net profit

net profit in q3

Nepal life insurance has earned highest net premium of Rs.10.69 arba & lowest earning of Rs.88.79 crore by Guras life insurance.

In terms of increment, Nepal life insurance stood at top position with growth of 37% & prime life insurance stood at last with growth of 19%.

Nepal life insurance has earned highest net profit of Rs.43.57 crore & Asian life insurance has earned lowest net profit of Rs.3.32 crore.

Life Insurance Corporation stood at top with growth of 100% in net profit & Nepal life stood at last position with growth of 6%.

Analyzing based on other indicators

indicators of life insurance

Insurance fund: Nepal life insurance has highest life insurance of fund of Rs.47.68 arba, life Insurance corporation have second highest fund of Rs.40.58 arba & Surya life insurance has lowest life insurance of fund of 32.25 arba.

Disaster fund: Nepal life insurance has highest & lowest is Gunras life insurance with 32.54 crore & 2.59 crore respectively. Life Insurance Corporation has not maintained any disaster fund.

Claims Paid: Nepal life insurance has paid highest claims of Rs.3.91 arba where as Gurans life insurance has paid lowest claims of Rs. 13.56 crore.

Claims unpaid: Nepal life insurance has highest amount of unpaid claims & it has highest number of policy holders of 11.12 lakh. Guras life Insurances has lowest amount of unpaid claims of Rs.62.58 lakh & it has lowest number of policy holder of 2.04 lakh among others.

EPS: Prime life insurance has highest EPS of Rs.31.28 & Asian life insurance has lowest EPS of 5.15.

Net worth: Prime life insurance has highest new worth per share of Rs.239.31 where as National life insurance has lowest net worth of Rs.126.44.

PE Ratio: Life Insurance Corporation has highest PE ratio of 213 times where as Prime life has lowest PE ratio of Rs.20.43 times. Low PE is considered good by investor & vice versa.

Disclaimer: trade in your own risk

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