Price adjustment on Cash Dividend of NMB Sulav Investment Fund -1

price adjustment

Nepse has adjusted the stock price of NMB Sulav Investment Fund -1 for 21.526% cash dividend.  Adjusted price of NIBSF1 is 10.394.

It is adjusted according to rule that if any company distribute cash dividend 10% more than the market price, price will be adjusted as per the bonus share price adjustment rule. This rule was implemented by Nepal stock exchange from last year.

Accordingly, price of NMBSF1 is adjusted. Last trading price before book close was Rs. 12.50. As per rule, 21.0526% Cash dividend on par Rs. 10 will be Rs. 2.10526 and 10% of market price Rs. 12.50 is Rs.1.25 Here, Cash dividend on Par value is greater than 10% of market value so price adjustment is made as per rule of bonus share adjustment.

Adjusted price for bonus = market price before price / 1 + bonus% of 1

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